In The Words Of: A Soldier

I am a creation

And I can be destroyed.

Facing life as I am deployed.

Blasts from guns steady fire.

I lunge forward and fire back.

My team follows cause’ we’re a pack.

I see the enemy, three to be exact.

I look through the sight of my gun

This is the time, when not to be stunned.

Adrenaline pumps, my heart beats rapid.

My ears thump as my gun is blasted.

Feeling far from fantastic,

More like erratic.

I’ve never killed, never said I will.

But if it’s me or them,

Their blood will spill.

Three shots, each one killed. 

Love, All Day

I wake up to see at first glance

A lovely lady filled with romance.

I turn over and give her my kiss

Grateful for a love like this,

The greatest bliss;

Sun shining through the window

Its fierce rays remind me of a disco.

Bright light from a ball of fire,

Early morning is when I’m inspired.

Coffee for me, so I get wired,

I love to love

And hate to hate,

When I wake up next to her,

I feel beyond great.

Is it fate that brought us together?

Is it magic that makes you as light as a feather?

What about flying a kite, in windy weather?

Excited and I couldn’t feel better/

Waking up next to her is worth it.

She makes me feel like I have a purpose.

In a world where I was once worthless,

She brought me back up to the surface.

My love is heard across the world,

Hurled into the arms of another,

My piece of mind is when I wonder.

It takes time to find a lover.

Under the covers is where we play.

In bed my love shall stay,

We can lay, and make love all day.


Perceptual Life

Life is all about perception

Whether you perceive in the

Third, fourth, or fifth dimension.

Good or bad no exceptions.

Walk the world strong,

Boy or girl, we all belong.

See things out hand in hand,

Behind clouds, beyond man.

Extraordinary life span;

Hands out to the sky

Clear the mind and the eyes.

Feeling infinitesimal,

The circumference of a decimal.

The sky can do that,

It’ll show you how to view facts.

Pitch black and lit up by the moon,

While I sit back, and listen to life’s fine tune.

The Truth Is All I’ll Say

Red cherry lips

And tight skinny hips.

They grace mine, as we twist.

Tangled in the early night mist.

A sense of humor like no other

Your laughing gets me out of the gutter.

Time is non-existent when you’re present

My love burns like the degree,

Of one hundred eighty

Save me gracefully

Rid all of my agony.

I want you ever so badly.

Red hair that reaches your shoulders

My heart has never been more than


I dream of night drives and

games of eye spy’s.

Would you play with no lies?

My heart has been scorched, beyond fried.

Burning hot deep inside.

I confide in you.

The truth is all I’ll say

To your face and when you’re away

The truth is all I’ll say.

New Year

Today is a new year,

Set in motion, loosened gears.

Today is the day to end your fears.

Bright lights flash up the sky

Loud explosions meet the eye.

Too much for your ears, forget it,

Have fun with your peers.

Here’s to another new year.

Three hundred and sixty five

More days to feel alive,

Thrive on all of your goals

Not on your old lost soul.

Hope for the best

Release the past up off your chest.

A fresh start to embark on this journey,

Don’t rush there is no hurry

Your vision just might be blurry.

But you can surely feel when there’s

Snow flurry.

A new year for clear weather,

Change comes to one, like a baby birds feather.

Time for a thick coat

Outside, in the sky, fire floats.

Extraordinary and colorful

More than barely full of clutter,

A loss for words you begin to stutter.

Sit still and just utter “Happy New Year”

Discover life just right in here.

Dark Clouds

Dark clouds are soon to come

After the storm, you’ll see the sun.

Flashes of lightening and crashes of thunder;

Humid air, I sit in a chair and wonder.

These summer showers come every year

I sit and watch until they clear.

The flashes of light are like a photo shoot.

Good thing I decided to wear my proper suit.

Drops of rain hit the leaves,

With the wind brings a breeze.

Tree’s sway like they’re dancing

Run and play, children prancing.

Roaring thunder rumbles

So startled, I begin to stumble.

Tripping over my feet, I look up to see,

The storm that has formed over my head

Has scared most they’ve even fled.

But not me I will conquer,

Not like everyone gone bonkers.

After the storm, it seems to calm

No more sweat inside my palms.

The fear has left, when it’s clear,

Each step will come much easier.

With Agony Comes Growth

The pain that comes with agony.

Two nouns together, those battle me.

Crashing waves of pressure slaves.

Choking throats with anxiety that coats;

The whole body alone in the lobby.

A floating ghost who doesn’t feel like most.

From coast to coast who controls this host.

I look down and see no legs

Floating above the ground, I quickly beg.

Dead is something I cannot be

Just lost in my mind, uncomfortably.

I feel I’m sick in my mental

Or just your average transcendental.

A little skeptical at times and on edge

But I grow tall enough to cross the hedge.

I do not beg for a life that isn’t mine.

I confine myself with little, or no help.

Trapped just for a bit, to find if one is truly sick.

I feel like I will grow compared to gnome.

I put myself out, out of my home.

The walls of confinement will soon drop,

And all anxiety will soon stop.

Growth is the thing I want most

So I turn to my host and say:

I am in control.