Passion (Life’s Lesson)

The doors have been opened

There is another side.

Inside is empty.

White light filled with energy.

Too much to bare,

Bright enough to glare.

Before drugs did I even care?

Maybe or maybe not.

But I’m here and I walk with a trout.

The road is limitless.

My existence is driven in passion.

Blood red, hot cherries baked in a pie.

Look deep, read the eyes.

Inside one will hide;

For the rest of their lives

And want to die.

Some look to the sky for answers,

I look inside.

Deep within answers come about.

Like they were there,

Up in the clouds.

I know some are so miserable.

But capable of finding passion.

All it takes is your ways of action.

Changing perspective,

Making growth your new objective.

Acceptance, you need to make a confession.

Then you’ll see how much life’s been testin’.

Maybe then you’ll learn life’s lesson.

Pain and Gain

The loneliness creeps up behind.

It manifests up out of his mind.

Blind to the facts;

He isn’t really there

Aware of the thoughts that bare,

He is scared.

Afraid to be alone forever.

Is this the path that he endeavored?

He is trapped in a room full of demons

They’re screaming to be released.

Hungry for each and every piece;

Bone and flesh.

Tests of strength, Will he surpass?

Or anger boils and he begins to lash.

His demons seem to be taking over

Lucks ran out.

He plucked his own four-leaf clover.

He sits and pouts.

His child self must accept.

Physical abuse was done

Its time for a truce, and let go.

Let out the sun, put away the rain.

Let go of all the pain.

And gain.

Who Have I Become?

Done, finished with fun.

Enough tears to black out the sun.

Emotional rollercoaster.

Twists, and turns.

Bends and loops.

I burn like the hottest flame.

I have learned quietly from my shame.

I blame no one, simply myself.

My acts have been wronged.

On a search for self-help.

Enlightened and still so frightened.

This is natural like the grass that grows.

And the river that flows;

It may look the same but everyday,

It will have changed.

I sleep less, and see things crazed.

Night terrors will have you in a daze.

Where is faith?

My lack a praise.

This had me in a chase,

I couldn’t recognize my own face,

In the mirror smashed into pieces.

Who have I become, a bum.

With no fight left.

Light and dark

My last journey I embark;

Will be one step off a cliff.

An accident maybe I’ll slip.

The evidence is there

A letter I’ll leave with one last prayer.

This life has been taken.

A Fool For Love

I’m grateful to have a family

But inside I’m still so empty.

Rip currents pull me out to sea

Survival mode is my only key.

What is missing?

Something significant,

The other half of me;

When I seem to try

My heart gets scornfully fried.

The only escape I know

Are my visuals of powder snow.

Up north to a city,

Where the lights brighten the sky.

Where my heart beats faster

I know I’m alive.

The smile from something of an angel

I know it’s been awhile,

And without you I feel like vile.

A mess, with stress the size of Texas.

Take me where I can be free

Happy, where we can drink tea.

I just want you

For so long you went without a clue.

Here’s a hug, a kiss and my love.

All above my head.

These final words that’ll be said,

Your last tears you will shed,

Lonely nights you climb into bed

I’ll be there with all the care.

With all the love to treat you fair.

How the great times we will share.

Still so far apart,

I cannot bare, this pain in my heart.

It yearns for you and your love

A fool, A fool for love.

Lonely Nights (Grey)

Lonely nights,

Call for ghostly frights.

Pitch-black sky,

Illuminated by the stars.

Hate frustrates me

It castrates my esophagus.

Choking and barely breathing

Is one alive?

Yet dying inside.

Can love be saved?

Just in time to dig my grave.

Late, it is the time.

Life’s maze I will find,

My way around, on these here;

Common grounds.

I’m around so much unhappiness

So much I find it to be bliss.

Get it away, get it away

Hate and all of its play;

The color for me is grey

For it is neutral.

Where as black is much more feudal.

On lonely night;

I feel satisfied, pleased,

And at peace.

Am I at peace?

Far from it!

To say the least, I am me

And a piece of me is lost at sea.

The rest of me is the best of me.

Optimistic and hopeful

Rid of hate.

Feeling quite great.

Lonely nights,

They aren’t so lonely.

When you have a family

That isn’t so phony.

Lonely can be dark,

And it can be bright.

My mind is if dark and light;

Had a fight.

Black and white make grey

And that is how I feel today.

This Time Of The Year

The weather is getting cool.

People are far less cruel and

Much more pleasant;

Kids certainly excited for their presents.

Unaware, of the truth that’s really there,

The hours of exertion put into

Work that parents do.

All just to make some dreams come true.

Sit and watch the smiles of another child.

Remember being that young and wild?

Anticipation was always a killer,

To me it was another great thriller.

This time of the year,

Where family gathers or some alone

Will shed a tear.

Some alone can spread good cheer

Prance around like the happiest deer.

But if you can’t,

Know you aren’t alone, cold below freezing.

Angry at the voice that’s screaming;

Let love in like all the lights beaming.

This time of the year could save you.

The smell of evergreen, piney and fresh,

Just know that you are so blessed.

To know this may be extreme.

Lifting your head to the clouds

Breathe and do be proud.

If you feel lost within a crowd,

Speak loud and know its okay to be afraid.

Fear just might save you

This time of the year.