Up Until Now

What I’ve been going through has been dark

It stinks, just like a fart.

I tell myself to escape, is that very smart?

I’m not some hero with a cape

I’m another statistic on a chart.

The human experience is scary, like being a kid with a fear to clear the fence, barely.

But, your friends keep you dare-y.

They’ll say: “Hey scaredy cat

You cant clear the fence

Feeling like that.”

Some hold fear, dearly.

But speaking clearly is something you cant do if you don’t feel cheery.

Suppressed rage at the age of twenty-three has me screaming, “set me free!”

Let me leave, let me leave

This weight is exhausting whenever I breathe.

I tease, I kid, I joke

But life’s breeze feels like acid and I begin to choke.

But, I have hope.

Better yet, faith.

New Year – 2015

This year I’ve experienced hell and heaven.

Well, it feels quite swell being Devin.

Back and forth to New York,

The cries and the laughter;

The quiet and the chatter;

The things that do and don’t matter;

My eyes hold the cold and intimate memories.

Some drowned and some better me.

When I think of Cat,

I feel oh so feathery,

But some-what weather-y;

A love that’s unpredictable like the oceans,

Some days are a coast and others are a roast.

Molten hot and Arctic cold,

But, I’ve smoked enough pot to ever feel old.

I’ve shared jokes.

I’ve been choked.

I’ve been damaged, bruised,

Lost and so confused.

I free write just to find some insight that’s

Locked inside my mind with no light.

I’ve fought what was out of my control and I’ve sought for the power that I hold.

Hours passed quite fast and those

Hard times we though would never pass,

They made space for the happiness to last.

I learned to love myself,

Sure, it took some help but I still did it.

Whether I’m lost or found

The journey is what makes me proud.

Strong Words

Falling behind is nothing but a climb

The strength to go on,

Long enough for time.

Will you survive?

You with the will, standing still

Move with the motions.

Step once and count twice as much.

Lose it all for happiness.

Believing is the power needed.

Hope is the strength proceeded.

Leak your thoughts drain the pain.

What’s gone is forgotten

Lesson learned for future reference.

Every step will be tested.

Corrections come second.

Broken or not

Spoken words teach us a lot. 

My Feel

This day and age,

I find it hard to release my rage.

People are aggravating; and consuming

Is so very captivating.

I see my two feet from ‘93

Twenty-one and I am not yet set free.

I find release in every piece of work.

I set free the pain and hurt.

Brand new, I stand amongst the few.

Who have the power to choose?

We, who roam loose;

Freedom of choice feels more like a prison.

That is not the world I exist in.

Abusing power and choosing crimson.

If you asked me, I’d say there are some loose ends. 

Watchful Observations

What do I see,

Scurry through;

The giant oak tree

There were only two.

Closely together

Things are no better

Then flirting in great weather,

Sunshine and nice letters.

Open skies

For flocks of feathers.

Children cry

and the wind blowing is dry.

Knocking on wood

There’s work to be done;

So this man stood

Teaching his son

The work of a nail,

And a screw gun.

He said son,

“Now be careful.”

He replied

“Dad I am an aware soul.”

There he goes building a fence

But they way he works is very tense;

Hot sweat begins to drip

Ice-cold tea is ready to be sipped.

This hot air,

Is like a desert trip.

Stay hydrated

That’s a safety tip.

It is now afternoon

This fence will be done soon.

The father is determination

The son is gloom

No confidence;

In the work he must do.


Roasting like a stew.

In the distance I hear,

The father sniffled and wiped a tear.

He began to inspire

By telling his son,

“Your work I admire;

If we were rich I’d pay in sapphire.”

His sons brows raised, mouth open to speak,

“Father for all you do I can never repay

 There is one thing that I can say,

I will cherish this moment till my very last day.”

We Don’t Want Your War

We don’t want war,

Not anymore!

No more gore, no more hate!

Life is great not when it is at stake.

It has been twelve years

The amount of tears,

Cannot amount to the fears!

Bullet penetration is a wrong doing,

Other situations we are pursuing;

Will help make matters worse!

Things are falling a part can anyone tell,

How loud do I have to yell!

This place is like a nutshell

Will anyone listen?

Our planet needs fixing,

If not good riddance!

This is from the bottom of my heart,

This Earth is being broken apart.

From the soil to start,

Life takes its course

I’ll watch it bloom,

Into a brand new forest.

It is not natural to want to kill

To me that is very ill.

Naturality is shaking hands

All the fatalities I cannot stand!

It pains me to see and hear,

All fights are merely unclear


Explosions, I am frozen.

Enough with the boasting,

People we’re living in fear and loathing.

Close to comfort, I must leave.

I am on the search for loves eternity.

Human beings are soon to be extinct,

If the fighting isn’t put to sleep

This is how I feel not how I think.

War should now end

If every word you comprehend,

Let flow like a downward stream

Your thoughts run clean of ever being mean.

                 Just think,

Peace and Serene.