New Year

Today is a new year,

Set in motion, loosened gears.

Today is the day to end your fears.

Bright lights flash up the sky

Loud explosions meet the eye.

Too much for your ears, forget it,

Have fun with your peers.

Here’s to another new year.

Three hundred and sixty five

More days to feel alive,

Thrive on all of your goals

Not on your old lost soul.

Hope for the best

Release the past up off your chest.

A fresh start to embark on this journey,

Don’t rush there is no hurry

Your vision just might be blurry.

But you can surely feel when there’s

Snow flurry.

A new year for clear weather,

Change comes to one, like a baby birds feather.

Time for a thick coat

Outside, in the sky, fire floats.

Extraordinary and colorful

More than barely full of clutter,

A loss for words you begin to stutter.

Sit still and just utter “Happy New Year”

Discover life just right in here.