Up Until Now

What I’ve been going through has been dark

It stinks, just like a fart.

I tell myself to escape, is that very smart?

I’m not some hero with a cape

I’m another statistic on a chart.

The human experience is scary, like being a kid with a fear to clear the fence, barely.

But, your friends keep you dare-y.

They’ll say: “Hey scaredy cat

You cant clear the fence

Feeling like that.”

Some hold fear, dearly.

But speaking clearly is something you cant do if you don’t feel cheery.

Suppressed rage at the age of twenty-three has me screaming, “set me free!”

Let me leave, let me leave

This weight is exhausting whenever I breathe.

I tease, I kid, I joke

But life’s breeze feels like acid and I begin to choke.

But, I have hope.

Better yet, faith.

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