The Lane I’m In

The laughter that explodes from your mouth

Brightens the light inside my cortex.

Your touch heats up the temperature

In my body.

I love that you enjoy comedy

And I also love that you are far from

Being snobby.

Your red cherry lips;

All the way down to your hips.

Your physicality cannot be skipped.

Your smile is as wide as the open sea.

Your eyes investigate when you look closely.

What I feel is so hard to explain,

Your outline is stuck in my brain,

Between the light and the dark

Can we meet in the middle?

I admire your smarts

So I hope you get this riddle.

We shall meet on the other side

Of the coast.

We can go for coffee,

I’ll show you my favorite roast.

I’ll hold you close, my one and only dear.

Around you, my fears frequently


I think of growing old and I don’t want

To be alone.

Around you I’m not on my own.

The Lane I’m in is the right

Way to go,

The Cat I know

Is beyond beautiful.

The Love I Have

The love I have is larger

Than the circumference

Of the Earth.


I love to give it away for free,

I have an endless amount

On a shopping spree.


My love is like the hug

Given from a child,

Soft and gentle.


I have so much love because

I’ve been so hurt,

Been beaten, blackened like the dirt.


My love is a third degree burn,

It might hurt a bit but I

Guarantee you’ll have learned.


The love I have won’t

Go with me to the grave,

It’ll circle the atmosphere.


Love In Space

Between space and time

Eyes shut, no longer blind.

Passionate love making,

Your hearts mine, for the taking.

A perspicuous speech made clear.

Telling you how I feel

And all that I fear,

How I deal and it’s sincere.

My feelings are real

You are my dear.

So take my hand

And walk through life.

Help me understand,

The meaning of “wife”,

I’m your husband,

Your partner, your soul mate,

Everyday I have goals to make.

Meeting you was more about fate.

When we’re together,

We are in space. 

Love, All Day

I wake up to see at first glance

A lovely lady filled with romance.

I turn over and give her my kiss

Grateful for a love like this,

The greatest bliss;

Sun shining through the window

Its fierce rays remind me of a disco.

Bright light from a ball of fire,

Early morning is when I’m inspired.

Coffee for me, so I get wired,

I love to love

And hate to hate,

When I wake up next to her,

I feel beyond great.

Is it fate that brought us together?

Is it magic that makes you as light as a feather?

What about flying a kite, in windy weather?

Excited and I couldn’t feel better/

Waking up next to her is worth it.

She makes me feel like I have a purpose.

In a world where I was once worthless,

She brought me back up to the surface.

My love is heard across the world,

Hurled into the arms of another,

My piece of mind is when I wonder.

It takes time to find a lover.

Under the covers is where we play.

In bed my love shall stay,

We can lay, and make love all day.


The Truth Is All I’ll Say

Red cherry lips

And tight skinny hips.

They grace mine, as we twist.

Tangled in the early night mist.

A sense of humor like no other

Your laughing gets me out of the gutter.

Time is non-existent when you’re present

My love burns like the degree,

Of one hundred eighty

Save me gracefully

Rid all of my agony.

I want you ever so badly.

Red hair that reaches your shoulders

My heart has never been more than


I dream of night drives and

games of eye spy’s.

Would you play with no lies?

My heart has been scorched, beyond fried.

Burning hot deep inside.

I confide in you.

The truth is all I’ll say

To your face and when you’re away

The truth is all I’ll say.

My Testament

The clock stops a half past eight

I look up to the sky and see my fate.

My vision is blurred, I can’t see straight.

Not one word, I am at a blank.

Nothing left but to give thanks;

Hand shakes and hugs,

Kisses and goodbyes.

We all will miss at least once in our lives.

Loved ones come and go,

If it’s really love time will slow.

And then you will know;

If they truly care,

I’ve been fooled once or twice on a dare.

Seen true love flair, like a flame.

It’s been put out with a hose,

Nerves like walking a tight rope on tippy toes.

I’ve kept moving, doing as a person should.

Walking through life, striving as one would.

Moving forward, what’s the past?

While walking toward, her;

Will it last?

Times moving so fast, but when I passed

Her in the hall, It all seemed to slow.

Before I could know, we became foes.

Lovers entangled in something special.

For this I am grateful,

To feel love and resentment

So you could call this my testament.

Mother’s Child: Gale

Go outside and see the greens,

The blues, the reds and the oranges.

It seems that you are lost in a forest.

Walking a trail her name is Gale;

Gale took a walk and began to talk

To the nature in which she loves.

Picking up trash without any gloves,

Now that is love.

The love for her mother is that of a giant.

She knows her fellow person has become defiant.

Litter just sends shivers down her spine.

How that she is categorized with the same kind,

Who don’t care one bit for their home.

The ground is her home,

For she is not alone here.

She is strong but still shedding tears.

The thought if anyone cares,

She sees that no one shares.

This is the land of the peace

Knowledge of information to increase.

Gale, will drop it firm like hail.

Till’ the day she sails with the wind

Informing must begin.

Deforming her home she does not like.

She knows people do it out of spite.

Why spite while you’re alive?

There’s only so much promised time.

Gale a caring woman, daring and loving woman.

Her home is the ground of the forest

Covered in flowers a true florist.

She lives with power to overcome hardship

Hunting and gathering is her job.

Without food she will die,

This life she chose after being robbed.

A house she couldn’t afford,

She had to leave even though she adored.

A drop in her credit score has left her negative,

But Gale would not leave her life neglected.

In the hands of her mother

A new home she has just discovered.

Years pass in the wild

And she’ll grow old but not alone.

She is a child to this nature,

And her mother will always nurture.