New Year – 2015

This year I’ve experienced hell and heaven.

Well, it feels quite swell being Devin.

Back and forth to New York,

The cries and the laughter;

The quiet and the chatter;

The things that do and don’t matter;

My eyes hold the cold and intimate memories.

Some drowned and some better me.

When I think of Cat,

I feel oh so feathery,

But some-what weather-y;

A love that’s unpredictable like the oceans,

Some days are a coast and others are a roast.

Molten hot and Arctic cold,

But, I’ve smoked enough pot to ever feel old.

I’ve shared jokes.

I’ve been choked.

I’ve been damaged, bruised,

Lost and so confused.

I free write just to find some insight that’s

Locked inside my mind with no light.

I’ve fought what was out of my control and I’ve sought for the power that I hold.

Hours passed quite fast and those

Hard times we though would never pass,

They made space for the happiness to last.

I learned to love myself,

Sure, it took some help but I still did it.

Whether I’m lost or found

The journey is what makes me proud.