Smooth Sailing

Adrenaline gets to pumping.

The pulse begins radiating,

Exceeding limits that one can handle.

Aggression and anxiety is at an all time high!


At a place of too far ahead.

Catch up before left for dead.

Sweat begins to leave the body,

While soaking in nervousness

One could soon lose consciousness.

Stop thinking so far ahead,

You might one day lose your head.

This is a struggle for most, I see;

Ones who struggle with this anxiety,

You are not so lonely.

I myself get overwhelmed.

Daily life gets held so far,

But so close, I could reach the bar.

Setting goals not limits,

It’s time to stop walking so timid.

In daily life we get so livid,

That we sometimes forget we live it.

From here on out, smooth sailing.

No more thoughts of who’s failing.

Only exceeding goals made,

As our lost self fades, into what has

Been, newly made.

With my words, I’d like to engrave;

Deep up in your brain, they can save.

I hope I make your day that much brighter,

Your stronger like a cancer fighter.

Never give up, never give in

You live with all the power within.

With Agony Comes Growth

The pain that comes with agony.

Two nouns together, those battle me.

Crashing waves of pressure slaves.

Choking throats with anxiety that coats;

The whole body alone in the lobby.

A floating ghost who doesn’t feel like most.

From coast to coast who controls this host.

I look down and see no legs

Floating above the ground, I quickly beg.

Dead is something I cannot be

Just lost in my mind, uncomfortably.

I feel I’m sick in my mental

Or just your average transcendental.

A little skeptical at times and on edge

But I grow tall enough to cross the hedge.

I do not beg for a life that isn’t mine.

I confine myself with little, or no help.

Trapped just for a bit, to find if one is truly sick.

I feel like I will grow compared to gnome.

I put myself out, out of my home.

The walls of confinement will soon drop,

And all anxiety will soon stop.

Growth is the thing I want most

So I turn to my host and say:

I am in control.


A family so close is so far away.

No understanding, nothing to say.

We go to work and we go to play.

Take me away take me away.

I sit on the outside looking in

My only getaway is evil sin.

I look inside, deep within

Take me away take me away.

I see no love, barely any,

Am I worth more then pennies?

My mental state is lost

Take me away take me way.

This chemical imbalance,

It clouds my talents

I need help!

Take me away take me away.

The longest nights of drinking

Keeps my mind off thinking,

Stumbling and falling

Take me away take me away.

It takes steps to walk

Suddenly, life comes to a halt,

Like a flash from a bolt.

Take me away take me away.

I took the easy way out

With a knife, instead of my mouth

One slice and I lost my life.

Take me away take me away.

I awoke in a hospital bed

Wondering why I was not dead,

“You are very lucky”, the doctor said.

Take me away take me away.

From wrist to elbow there is a scar,

To show how far I raised the bars.

I now know I’m with the stars.

Take me away take me away.

But wait,

Something so great

Has just happened

I now regained all of my passion.

I hear my seed has been spread,

Which is the reason I am not dead.

A father to be,

Is the end of my story.