The Weeping Man

The thought of you makes me hopeless.

We’re never to be, and I know this.

Once happy,

We were the closest.

Until it seemed like you lost focus.

It wasn’t just me who broke us.

You suddenly left and I wept.

Days on end, left wondering,

Everyday, It’s the same old thundering.

Nothing I hear can stop the silence.

I’m sincere far from violent.

I feel as though I’ll wither and die

Without you by my side,

My liver, drowned in rum,

No feeling, completely numb.

You left and I fell apart,

Everything suddenly went dark.

My vision, stuck in a blur

Every word said, is a slur.

I curse the air you breathe!

I wish that you see, me,

Where I am.

I fall every step, I cannot stand.

I weep and feel like no man.

You said things changed,

Things were not the same,

As they used to be,

I refuse to be, left all alone.

Kill me, use all of your stone!

Rocked to death, or every step left,

Will be filled with weeping.

Beautiful Life

All I see are trees,

The browns and the greens,

The roots under ground, hold them firm.

I still have so much to learn.

On the road I see snow.

The mountains in the winter, do get cold.

Zero or below,

My body shivers, so much my bones begin to quiver.

To find my center, I enter,

A meditative state.

It’ll help my waves flow much more straight.

Better, late than never

Forever, I do endeavor

A better feeling, releasing thought

Not concealing.

The weight lifted,

Strong and gifted,

Life’s picture to be depicted

Beautiful art, life is exquisite. 

Love Turned To Scorn

What’s been missing?

The hugs or the kissing?

The late night talks or early morning walks?

Arguments ending in apology,

The nights I gave you, all of me.

Wrongly accused, you did what you choose.

What’s been missing?

Your smell on my clothes

From all night kissing

We just might be wishing

Dreams coming true,

When I glance at you,

We dance, us two.

Together, where time is endless.

Where we’re both so reckless,

Taking a chance, with our romance,

Your eyes glow as we slow dance,

Heat resonates from body to body.

Your lips cherry red,

I would have never guessed

You and I, at our best

This is the time I’ll confess,

My love grows daily for you,

But your mind isn’t made.

Taking me on one hell of an escapade.

A cheetah chase, on a hunt for prey

But when your minds is made,

I’ll be gone.

You’ll realize you’re late and you did wrong.

Never hesitate,

You can always pick your favorite song.

My favorite is when we got along.

Sweet laughter during our chatter

Back when nothing else mattered.

But now something battered,

Tattered and torn.

Don’t hate and live with scorn.

Your reward wont be reborn

Good luck.

Two Doors To Choose From

I’ve been distracted

Watching life be reenacted.

Confused between right and wrong,

I fuse my insight within a song,

Hand written, the gift I’ve been given

To speak to the lifeless and the living.

Stories shared, naturally scared.

Aware that I am cared for

So I’ve been shown two doors

Where I’ll walk,

I’m unsure

But where I’ll walk will always be pure.

My Very Essence

The essence of my presence is

A spontaneous one.

Coming and going since time begun.

Fate as they call,

We hate when we fall.

Getting up isn’t always easy,

But if the hottest day can turn breezy,

Believe me, you have a surviving chance.

Living; to live is like a dance.

You take your steps with rhythm

And lead down to determinism.

Try not to be skeptic, towards hate.

Because when you hate,

Something could turn out to be great. 

The Past Life

I think back to the fact,

I felt empty and black.

A time, where I was young and blind

Defined by fighting, and blacking eyes.

Now working towards my own enterprise.

I capitalize my creativity.

Put it to work.

And show my worth.


I’ll accept, I’m the man to be.

Gracefully, taking the stage,

I’ll say my name and leave my rage.

Inner peace,

Inside I have no worry

I no longer stride, in a hurry.