Friends For Life

We were friends for life,

But today you left us

All behind.


One thousand miles or more

You’ll travel just to score

Bigger than you did here.


For American currency

You will slave away your soul,

Watch it go right out the door.


Me, I could be broke or poor

And happier than the man with

The most money in his bank account.


When the job is done

Are you going to return home,

To your friends or work alone.


We were friends for life

Until you made the choice

To work and gain a wife.


The Love I Have

The love I have is larger

Than the circumference

Of the Earth.


I love to give it away for free,

I have an endless amount

On a shopping spree.


My love is like the hug

Given from a child,

Soft and gentle.


I have so much love because

I’ve been so hurt,

Been beaten, blackened like the dirt.


My love is a third degree burn,

It might hurt a bit but I

Guarantee you’ll have learned.


The love I have won’t

Go with me to the grave,

It’ll circle the atmosphere.



I am, all that I’ve done.

What’s done is done and

I’ve begun to renew.

See me as me and you as you.

In my view, we’re one in the same.

Two beings that proclaim,

They love, with no shame.

Our bond can’t be broken

You have my word,

As your token.

But you stand there frozen,

Unaware that you’ve been chosen,

Still delayed, cause’ you stayed


With The Stars

The power of your mind,

Is all on you.

I’m one of a kind

My lines are askew.

Here and there is where I went.

Up and down, much is spent.

Endless roads,

Holes in my clothes,

It’s cold, and I can see my toes.

Why am I so low?

But up high,

Get me down, before I die.

I never should’ve left

But I’ll keep moving.

If I fall to my death,

I’ll do deaths doing.

When the deed is done,

I’ll be reborn.

In the sun or under the moon,

I free fall forty feet,

I suddenly cannot see.

Feeling nothing, but peace warmth

And love.

It’s never ending, up above.

I’m with the stars. 


I still take night drives.

I still do high fives.

I still am a child inside.

I still hide, my emotions inside.

I still dream with a super hero theme.

I still live at home.

I still feel all-alone.

I still don’t act grown, even though I’m


I still don’t have one single clue.

I’m still breathing.

I’m still believing.

I’m still seeing, myself fleeing.

I’m still learning.

I’m still working.

I’m still from the nineties.

I’m still 1992. 

Black and White

She’s lost with no map,

Feeling like the world is a trap.

Tears fall slightly,

Memories of when she was once all mighty.

What happened?

To leave her all alone

Leaving her heart two toned.

Black and white

She attacks and fights

Her mental capacity,

Her whole life is one big tragedy.

She does what has to be done.

She picks up a gun, but then,

Thinks about her only son,

He’ll be all-alone

Not knowing his mother or father.

She puts it down and doesn’t bother.

She is still a daughter to her own father.

Not alone, she’ll go farther.