Free Will

My class is of the middle,

My heart beats to a fiddle,

I constantly look for that riddle,

Not the answer.

Working and searching as a freelancer.

The spree I’m on is not of the killing

Simply, just free willing.  

Favor For Flavors

Pain and agony can be

A great amount of tragedy,

Gravity holds while learning molds.

Filling the holes of emptiness

Hold the mind still, with steadiness.

Concentration can always grow,

Infestation of light glows.

The knowledge is there

Use it when you care.

If you don’t play fair,

Life will return the favor.

A rotten food type of flavor,

You’ll want to combust with disgust.

Be stern with what you learn

And don’t let your brain be burned.

Knowledge is power, don’t be a coward

And cower away.

You’d like to stay

Join the children and begin to


With Agony Comes Growth

The pain that comes with agony.

Two nouns together, those battle me.

Crashing waves of pressure slaves.

Choking throats with anxiety that coats;

The whole body alone in the lobby.

A floating ghost who doesn’t feel like most.

From coast to coast who controls this host.

I look down and see no legs

Floating above the ground, I quickly beg.

Dead is something I cannot be

Just lost in my mind, uncomfortably.

I feel I’m sick in my mental

Or just your average transcendental.

A little skeptical at times and on edge

But I grow tall enough to cross the hedge.

I do not beg for a life that isn’t mine.

I confine myself with little, or no help.

Trapped just for a bit, to find if one is truly sick.

I feel like I will grow compared to gnome.

I put myself out, out of my home.

The walls of confinement will soon drop,

And all anxiety will soon stop.

Growth is the thing I want most

So I turn to my host and say:

I am in control.

Mother’s Child: Gale

Go outside and see the greens,

The blues, the reds and the oranges.

It seems that you are lost in a forest.

Walking a trail her name is Gale;

Gale took a walk and began to talk

To the nature in which she loves.

Picking up trash without any gloves,

Now that is love.

The love for her mother is that of a giant.

She knows her fellow person has become defiant.

Litter just sends shivers down her spine.

How that she is categorized with the same kind,

Who don’t care one bit for their home.

The ground is her home,

For she is not alone here.

She is strong but still shedding tears.

The thought if anyone cares,

She sees that no one shares.

This is the land of the peace

Knowledge of information to increase.

Gale, will drop it firm like hail.

Till’ the day she sails with the wind

Informing must begin.

Deforming her home she does not like.

She knows people do it out of spite.

Why spite while you’re alive?

There’s only so much promised time.

Gale a caring woman, daring and loving woman.

Her home is the ground of the forest

Covered in flowers a true florist.

She lives with power to overcome hardship

Hunting and gathering is her job.

Without food she will die,

This life she chose after being robbed.

A house she couldn’t afford,

She had to leave even though she adored.

A drop in her credit score has left her negative,

But Gale would not leave her life neglected.

In the hands of her mother

A new home she has just discovered.

Years pass in the wild

And she’ll grow old but not alone.

She is a child to this nature,

And her mother will always nurture.


I stop to think:

How the world goes round like a roller rink.

How two hearts are in sync.

How we have come to be.

How I write alone, is it only me.

How might I create magic.

How god gives us things that are tragic.

How I am grateful.

How most are concerned about material.

How I like to live so simple.

How one day I will be old and crippled.

How I love to see people happy.

How I write so sappy.

How trees help us breath.

How in life I like to seek.

How do people destroy their planet.

How I just want world peace damn it.

How life never goes how you planned it.

How I got over addiction.

How my writing has secret encryption.

How I would like to give more description.

How will I do on my own.

How would it be if I had a clone.

How can I impact the Earth.

How would it look if I stopped and kissed the dirt.

How do I have fun.

How would he look if I had a son.

How will my work ever be done.

Then I stop, to let go and run.

Awake In My Dreams

I see you in my dreams.

How keen that is the scene.

It is a sensual, loveable thing.

Light green eyes and long blonde hair.

Her skin tone fair, we’re one hell of a pair.

My, the feeling I get like I may burst.

Waking up is hard, it hurts.

My heart is racing;

Dehydrated I feel my thirst growing.

In my head I am knowing,

This is only a dream.

As it seems I’m lost in a dream.

But am I really lost if I don’t want to leave?

Quick to agree, she yells out to me;

“I am lost too, for I only want to be with you!”

Is this really true?

In my head I search for a single clue.

How alone I am in reality

How I want to stay put so badly.

Eight hours is never long enough

In my dreams I paint with a brush.

Us together, hand in hand;

I love the touch.

Before I go you must know,

This isn’t real, just a simple feel.

Here’s a mask for you to deal.

I’ll soon wake up and our fun will end,

My love in a bottle is how I’ll send.

Across my brain waves

Feelings in my heart are where I save.

Eyes open for I am now awake.

Passion (Life’s Lesson)

The doors have been opened

There is another side.

Inside is empty.

White light filled with energy.

Too much to bare,

Bright enough to glare.

Before drugs did I even care?

Maybe or maybe not.

But I’m here and I walk with a trout.

The road is limitless.

My existence is driven in passion.

Blood red, hot cherries baked in a pie.

Look deep, read the eyes.

Inside one will hide;

For the rest of their lives

And want to die.

Some look to the sky for answers,

I look inside.

Deep within answers come about.

Like they were there,

Up in the clouds.

I know some are so miserable.

But capable of finding passion.

All it takes is your ways of action.

Changing perspective,

Making growth your new objective.

Acceptance, you need to make a confession.

Then you’ll see how much life’s been testin’.

Maybe then you’ll learn life’s lesson.