Life’s Gift

I’ve spent time all alone

I’ve spent years getting stoned.

Unaware of my own existence

People come and go, good riddance.

People surround people

To hide away from their own evils.

My sanity has reached its peak

So I close my mouth, just to speak.

In my mind, I can always hide,

But I’d rather be out than in.

Lord forgive me, and my sins.

In time, I’ll calculate my wins,

I’m fine with my loses

I’ve grown to what life tosses.

My heart was once placid

Black; things were tragic.

Life’s tragedy is magnetic

It keeps you grounded like gravity

And shocks like bad static.

Our tragedies keep us moving,

To busy to remember our own doings.

Life is a present, wrapped up;

Surprise intended.

Top it off with a bow,

You have a gift, to exist.

If you didn’t know.

Simple Breathing

Sit and look at the sun set,

Our lives aren’t nearly done yet.

Walking down the beach,

Feeling the grains of sand between

your toes.

The salt air breeze filling up your nose,

Your eyes may be closed, but you

can see the way you chose to live.

Peace isn’t there until you forgive.

The demons from the past,

Move in fast to haunt.

Easier to forgive than live a life of taunts,

Real or fake, you seal your fate

When you’re running late.

Just breathe, for your own sake.

Breathe in healthy oxygen,

When you feel like you may be boxed in.

Simple breathing can help the feeling,

So stop concealing and start dealing.

Tidal Waves

Every moment we get is a blessing in disguise

Some don’t pay attention,

They are deceived in the eyes.

Blind to the fact what life really is.

A number of moments taken for granted;

In a world of pain, love will be branded.

Feeling stranded and lost of hope,

Some lose their minds just to cope.

Some smoke dope, so they can’t feel,

Forgetting that life is really real.

You see the world with a different face.

Moving fast, the pace of a race.

Some walk alone and don’t know,

They’re headed straight into the ozone

All alone they will be, for the rest of eternity.

Trapped in a place of purgatory

A life to tell, a long lost love story;

I tell the tale for those who’ve failed,

We keep floating, our boats will sail.

Even in a hailstorm,

Oceans, where hurricanes form.

Tidal waves will soon crash,

The test of life you will soon pass.

Christmas Love

Sit and wait for Christmas gifts.

The kind of presents that tend to lift,

Even peasants have a gift to give.

The gift of love.

Shivering and cold this winter solstice,

Working hard, five cents a shoe polish.

With the money made,

Gifts to give, make the loneliness fade.

All for that smile upon the faces,

Makes one forget about the worst cases.

Busy streets this time of the year.

People more into gifts,

Than spreading good cheer.

But the peasant wants to make some happy.

By buying presents for the sadly.

You have your Scrooges and Grinch’s;

Who’s movements in inches don’t go the distance.

But one man, can save the day.

With the gift of love is how to pay.

Everyday Thoughts and Feeling

Every day and night, my mind races;

It’s another fight, with no escape chases.

Sunken breaths feel like sunken ships.

Chest caving in and the driest lips;

Sweat beating down my clammy face,

Not much to do but to pace.

I think of ways to escape this devilish feel.

But I only land on one thing, to deal.

I begin to hear soft sounds from a piano,

Crickets chirping, as they stand low;

I seem to be able to find a fix,

My way of thinking is like a bag of tricks.

One minute I’m there,

Then one minute I am scared.

Life is a dare and I haven’t seemed to accept,

I still live a past one that I precept.

Moving on has always been hard for me.

But one decision can change for the better me.

Losing sleep from anxiety,

No drugs I will take again.

Giving up on the past has shown,

Life is moving extremely fast I’ve grown.

Never alone but sometimes I feel as so,

I feel I may be dragged by the undertow.

It’s the pressure I get from everyday energy.

I get pleasure when I grow from something scary.

Growth is the way of life.

Life is the way to grow.  You are not alone.

Alone Is The Time

Alone, that is the time

Where I meet with you, in my mind

Past, present and future;

They’re all one of a kind.

They speak to me with memory,

And show future visionary.

If I could fly across the night sky,

One with the stars I travel afar.

Not so belittled and not at all alarmed

The stars that sparkle are such a charm.

On a search for everlasting dharma

I do well, in return for good karma.

Never forget the little things in life.

Will you strive to dive headfirst?

Trust or lust, which is cursed?

Immersed in this curse of lust,

Trapped in the magic of touch.

But I am alone with none to touch,

I walk with one leg without a crutch.

Uneven and hardly breathing;

Gasping for air like a fish without water.

I swim in agony, and feed off tragedy.

Broke, so I’m dressed raggedy,

Tired of working dead end.

Tired of living this pretend,

Life is simply a gem.

Why can’t you see the world like me?

But not everyone is me and they can’t see,

The world and all of its beauty;

In the end we go alone.

Enormous lights that prone to show

Life’s beauty, its wonderful glow;

Before you go, I hope you see

The world like me and all of its beauty.