Beautiful Life

All I see are trees,

The browns and the greens,

The roots under ground, hold them firm.

I still have so much to learn.

On the road I see snow.

The mountains in the winter, do get cold.

Zero or below,

My body shivers, so much my bones begin to quiver.

To find my center, I enter,

A meditative state.

It’ll help my waves flow much more straight.

Better, late than never

Forever, I do endeavor

A better feeling, releasing thought

Not concealing.

The weight lifted,

Strong and gifted,

Life’s picture to be depicted

Beautiful art, life is exquisite. 

The Past Life

I think back to the fact,

I felt empty and black.

A time, where I was young and blind

Defined by fighting, and blacking eyes.

Now working towards my own enterprise.

I capitalize my creativity.

Put it to work.

And show my worth.


I’ll accept, I’m the man to be.

Gracefully, taking the stage,

I’ll say my name and leave my rage.

Inner peace,

Inside I have no worry

I no longer stride, in a hurry.

The Process Life Contains

I’ve lost my mind,

I can’t see clearly.

I am blind,

I speak sincerely

So you can find,

Emotions intertwined.

Words that are linked,

Piece together, to make you think.

The world spins, while we blink.

Surviving better when all are in synch.

I, am still learning. I, am a work in progress.

Exerting energy

Working on the better me.

It is all a process

You get more you got less.

I wait for fall, in the middle of August.

To watch leaves change

See how life gets rearranged,

I no longer contain

All of this shame. 

Perceptual Life

Life is all about perception

Whether you perceive in the

Third, fourth, or fifth dimension.

Good or bad no exceptions.

Walk the world strong,

Boy or girl, we all belong.

See things out hand in hand,

Behind clouds, beyond man.

Extraordinary life span;

Hands out to the sky

Clear the mind and the eyes.

Feeling infinitesimal,

The circumference of a decimal.

The sky can do that,

It’ll show you how to view facts.

Pitch black and lit up by the moon,

While I sit back, and listen to life’s fine tune.

Life’s Gift

I’ve spent time all alone

I’ve spent years getting stoned.

Unaware of my own existence

People come and go, good riddance.

People surround people

To hide away from their own evils.

My sanity has reached its peak

So I close my mouth, just to speak.

In my mind, I can always hide,

But I’d rather be out than in.

Lord forgive me, and my sins.

In time, I’ll calculate my wins,

I’m fine with my loses

I’ve grown to what life tosses.

My heart was once placid

Black; things were tragic.

Life’s tragedy is magnetic

It keeps you grounded like gravity

And shocks like bad static.

Our tragedies keep us moving,

To busy to remember our own doings.

Life is a present, wrapped up;

Surprise intended.

Top it off with a bow,

You have a gift, to exist.

If you didn’t know.

One Man and A Gift

One man,

He sits alone and ponders

Life’s great wonders;

The stars, how far?

To travel he will.

The new gravel he will feel.

To be absolute

Is to truly speak the truth.

He wants nothing more than to soar.

Nobody to work for,

But himself with no help;

Stubbornness can be such a mess.

It comes too sudden.

The frustration makes him Closter phobic.

He has anger from untouched feelings.

To cope, he’ll let go.

With hope he’ll still go.

To a place far and unknown

A new place he’ll call his home.

With every step he sees how much he’s grown.

Proud with his walk on Earth

Prone to change ever since birth;

The gift to live, he is forever a gift.