Watchful Observations

What do I see,

Scurry through;

The giant oak tree

There were only two.

Closely together

Things are no better

Then flirting in great weather,

Sunshine and nice letters.

Open skies

For flocks of feathers.

Children cry

and the wind blowing is dry.

Knocking on wood

There’s work to be done;

So this man stood

Teaching his son

The work of a nail,

And a screw gun.

He said son,

“Now be careful.”

He replied

“Dad I am an aware soul.”

There he goes building a fence

But they way he works is very tense;

Hot sweat begins to drip

Ice-cold tea is ready to be sipped.

This hot air,

Is like a desert trip.

Stay hydrated

That’s a safety tip.

It is now afternoon

This fence will be done soon.

The father is determination

The son is gloom

No confidence;

In the work he must do.


Roasting like a stew.

In the distance I hear,

The father sniffled and wiped a tear.

He began to inspire

By telling his son,

“Your work I admire;

If we were rich I’d pay in sapphire.”

His sons brows raised, mouth open to speak,

“Father for all you do I can never repay

 There is one thing that I can say,

I will cherish this moment till my very last day.”

We Don’t Want Your War

We don’t want war,

Not anymore!

No more gore, no more hate!

Life is great not when it is at stake.

It has been twelve years

The amount of tears,

Cannot amount to the fears!

Bullet penetration is a wrong doing,

Other situations we are pursuing;

Will help make matters worse!

Things are falling a part can anyone tell,

How loud do I have to yell!

This place is like a nutshell

Will anyone listen?

Our planet needs fixing,

If not good riddance!

This is from the bottom of my heart,

This Earth is being broken apart.

From the soil to start,

Life takes its course

I’ll watch it bloom,

Into a brand new forest.

It is not natural to want to kill

To me that is very ill.

Naturality is shaking hands

All the fatalities I cannot stand!

It pains me to see and hear,

All fights are merely unclear


Explosions, I am frozen.

Enough with the boasting,

People we’re living in fear and loathing.

Close to comfort, I must leave.

I am on the search for loves eternity.

Human beings are soon to be extinct,

If the fighting isn’t put to sleep

This is how I feel not how I think.

War should now end

If every word you comprehend,

Let flow like a downward stream

Your thoughts run clean of ever being mean.

                 Just think,

Peace and Serene. 

Two Birds

Two bids sit together on a wire,

From a view one sees a flyer

of a job for two birds to hire.

In a swoop, there they go

To the workplace down below,

They see the boss, a very round rat

Who screams, “What’re ya lookin’ at?!”

Their beaks trembled as they spoke,

“We saw the flyer for hire that you wrote.”

“Ah yes” he says, “What shall I call you?”

Pointing at one another, “Beaks and Donnawho.”

Awkward but they’ll have to do.

Sort of askew like a crooked line,

These packages must be delivered on time.

The first couple of trips seemed to be fine

But Beaks had other thoughts on his mind.

He didn’t want to work, and he didn’t want to fly,

You could see this look all over his eyes.

One shipment left, the two do their best

So Beaks can get everything off his chest.

“I’m through working here,” Beaks says.

“My thoughts are not clear, and I lost all of my peers.”

The thought of money is great

But freedom is what’s at stake.

Donnawho keeps on working.

Beaks is back to watching.

Now grateful to be back on the wire

Beaks happiness couldn’t be any higher.

He still watches Donnawho fly in the air

Knowing where they’re at and free of care.

These two are still friends and when there is time,

They will speak again.

Age to Age.

Tonight, my son you leave my side

No weapon just pure eyesight.

Make your tools you are no fool!

Be aware look into my stare

“I love you Little Bear”

Tonight I leave her side and

What I kill, I’ll see the inside.

I will be the greatest hunter,

The tribe has ever seen

“I love you mother and sweet dreams.”

I try not to worry, I’m very anxious

As if I’m in a hurry.

I work the cornfields and stitch leather

My itch for bad weather is not getting better.

Thunder begins to rumble as rain begins to crumble.

I’m out in this jungle getting soaked

That thunders rumble makes my throat choke.

Determination is at the top of my list

So I give fear its one last kiss.

I will triumph and earn true bliss.

To my right I hear a snap and crackle

Before I think. I make my tackle.

I grab the antlers and we begin to tussle.

Ill show this buck who has more muscle

by breaking its neck and putting it to rest.

After that fight, I inhale for breath and thank the Gods

that my family is blessed.

I know how proud my mother will be

because I am now man of this family.

No one will go hungry for day’s, even weeks,

I know how nice everyone will sleep.

The pleasure of being a man, to treasure

What some may not under stand,

What we have is worth more then grand’s.

One and six are like a bundle of sticks,

Together I am now a teen.

Carrying this dead carcass

I hear them all scream.

Whistles and streams, it’s a party to me.

As clouds seem to clear, I see mother and

Wipe off all her tears and she says,

“I love you little bear.”

Love Lost

Love is grand and open like the canyon

Wild and free with your companion;

Holding hands time is endless

Age expands, wisdom and senses.

All is one, the weight of tons

This love begun when your eyes shine;

Life’s fine when you’re beside time.

Not against, a point to a pickett fence

That will leave a body tense.

Stabbed in the heart,

Stabbed in the back,

This love will leave a mark

And get on track.

You can find it in the park and

At the crack of dawn.

Love is the calmness to a pond,

Saying I love you and she to, responds

“I love you too honey!”

Butterflies fill your tummy

It’ll make you feel funny, angry,

When It’s rainy or sunny

Cold or hot

This love is around a lot.

It’s yours, It’s mine.

Till the end of time,

We seek to find, 

A love so kind.

Whether falling behind

Or empty handed.

This love at some point

Will leave you stranded.

Burned as if being branded

The hurt you’ll understand it.

Closer and closer you grow

The more you know,

The more you hate!

What a waste or is it just fate,

Only time tells us to wait.

In that case you’ll be a little late.

This love is in it for the chase

So when you catch it

Lock it in a case.

Don’t set it free,

To be free is to love openly.







A family so close is so far away.

No understanding, nothing to say.

We go to work and we go to play.

Take me away take me away.

I sit on the outside looking in

My only getaway is evil sin.

I look inside, deep within

Take me away take me away.

I see no love, barely any,

Am I worth more then pennies?

My mental state is lost

Take me away take me way.

This chemical imbalance,

It clouds my talents

I need help!

Take me away take me away.

The longest nights of drinking

Keeps my mind off thinking,

Stumbling and falling

Take me away take me away.

It takes steps to walk

Suddenly, life comes to a halt,

Like a flash from a bolt.

Take me away take me away.

I took the easy way out

With a knife, instead of my mouth

One slice and I lost my life.

Take me away take me away.

I awoke in a hospital bed

Wondering why I was not dead,

“You are very lucky”, the doctor said.

Take me away take me away.

From wrist to elbow there is a scar,

To show how far I raised the bars.

I now know I’m with the stars.

Take me away take me away.

But wait,

Something so great

Has just happened

I now regained all of my passion.

I hear my seed has been spread,

Which is the reason I am not dead.

A father to be,

Is the end of my story.

This Captain

I love that the sea is wide open.

My only hope is a boat floatin’.

On this evening I am goin’

Straight to work, even if I’m hurt,

I love the sea it is where I want to be.

My hair is very grey, what can I say

Some say old age or stress.

But at sea I feel my best.

Call me captain, I guess

My love grows far from less.

My actions are merely victimless.

I would catch and release,

But we all need to eat.

I do say my peace to every fish I see.

Knowing that the sea is not just for me.

I love to feel the waves rocking,

And to hear each fish body knocking

The boat back and forth

I watch life take its course.

Not only is this my duty, it’s a hobby.

I won’t leave until death has got me

By the neck pulling me under.

In a distance is the cracking of thunder.

Flashes of lightening

To other men is very frightening,

Thoughts race and chest tightening,

While I just embrace that we might be dying.

Cold rain falls from the sky

It’s so heavy it blinds the eye

Tonight my passion may let me die.

The actions I will commit

“This captain goes down with his ship.”