My Feel

This day and age,

I find it hard to release my rage.

People are aggravating; and consuming

Is so very captivating.

I see my two feet from ‘93

Twenty-one and I am not yet set free.

I find release in every piece of work.

I set free the pain and hurt.

Brand new, I stand amongst the few.

Who have the power to choose?

We, who roam loose;

Freedom of choice feels more like a prison.

That is not the world I exist in.

Abusing power and choosing crimson.

If you asked me, I’d say there are some loose ends. 

Autumn Leaves

It is time for the fall of autumn leaves,

Yellow, orange, red and brown

Change is just around the corner.

Seasons will pass and all is in order.

Trick or treat come knock at my door,

I don’t have candy, but something worth more.

Lessons learned while the present is yearned.

No more past because we’re moving forward

Hello future is where we’re leaning toward.

I say this accordingly, to those who listen.

For the children out there still wishin’,

For their dreams to come true;

I have something to say to each and all of you.

Follow your dreams till they come true.