Dark Clouds

Dark clouds are soon to come

After the storm, you’ll see the sun.

Flashes of lightening and crashes of thunder;

Humid air, I sit in a chair and wonder.

These summer showers come every year

I sit and watch until they clear.

The flashes of light are like a photo shoot.

Good thing I decided to wear my proper suit.

Drops of rain hit the leaves,

With the wind brings a breeze.

Tree’s sway like they’re dancing

Run and play, children prancing.

Roaring thunder rumbles

So startled, I begin to stumble.

Tripping over my feet, I look up to see,

The storm that has formed over my head

Has scared most they’ve even fled.

But not me I will conquer,

Not like everyone gone bonkers.

After the storm, it seems to calm

No more sweat inside my palms.

The fear has left, when it’s clear,

Each step will come much easier.


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