Love, All Day

I wake up to see at first glance

A lovely lady filled with romance.

I turn over and give her my kiss

Grateful for a love like this,

The greatest bliss;

Sun shining through the window

Its fierce rays remind me of a disco.

Bright light from a ball of fire,

Early morning is when I’m inspired.

Coffee for me, so I get wired,

I love to love

And hate to hate,

When I wake up next to her,

I feel beyond great.

Is it fate that brought us together?

Is it magic that makes you as light as a feather?

What about flying a kite, in windy weather?

Excited and I couldn’t feel better/

Waking up next to her is worth it.

She makes me feel like I have a purpose.

In a world where I was once worthless,

She brought me back up to the surface.

My love is heard across the world,

Hurled into the arms of another,

My piece of mind is when I wonder.

It takes time to find a lover.

Under the covers is where we play.

In bed my love shall stay,

We can lay, and make love all day.



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