The Weeping Man

The thought of you makes me hopeless.

We’re never to be, and I know this.

Once happy,

We were the closest.

Until it seemed like you lost focus.

It wasn’t just me who broke us.

You suddenly left and I wept.

Days on end, left wondering,

Everyday, It’s the same old thundering.

Nothing I hear can stop the silence.

I’m sincere far from violent.

I feel as though I’ll wither and die

Without you by my side,

My liver, drowned in rum,

No feeling, completely numb.

You left and I fell apart,

Everything suddenly went dark.

My vision, stuck in a blur

Every word said, is a slur.

I curse the air you breathe!

I wish that you see, me,

Where I am.

I fall every step, I cannot stand.

I weep and feel like no man.

You said things changed,

Things were not the same,

As they used to be,

I refuse to be, left all alone.

Kill me, use all of your stone!

Rocked to death, or every step left,

Will be filled with weeping.