My Testament

The clock stops a half past eight

I look up to the sky and see my fate.

My vision is blurred, I can’t see straight.

Not one word, I am at a blank.

Nothing left but to give thanks;

Hand shakes and hugs,

Kisses and goodbyes.

We all will miss at least once in our lives.

Loved ones come and go,

If it’s really love time will slow.

And then you will know;

If they truly care,

I’ve been fooled once or twice on a dare.

Seen true love flair, like a flame.

It’s been put out with a hose,

Nerves like walking a tight rope on tippy toes.

I’ve kept moving, doing as a person should.

Walking through life, striving as one would.

Moving forward, what’s the past?

While walking toward, her;

Will it last?

Times moving so fast, but when I passed

Her in the hall, It all seemed to slow.

Before I could know, we became foes.

Lovers entangled in something special.

For this I am grateful,

To feel love and resentment

So you could call this my testament.