Smile and Laugh

Laugh till it hurts.

Laugh till you burst.

Laughter is the cure for sadness,

Laughter will save you from the madness.

Laughing can hurt the abdominals,

Laughing can bring you to tears.

Laughing will help you forget your fears.

Laughter will keep you happy,

In a day so crappy, you’ll want laughter;

Ever so badly.

Laugh at someone,

Laugh at the world,

Laugh till your head spins in a swirl.

With laughter there’s not much to get.

Laughter will help heal the sick.

I love to laugh, and so should you.

Laughing, for a time when blue,

To make one laugh,

Can be such a blast!

That of a feel good task.

The key to the heart, smile when dark.

Laughing is light when falling apart.

A word of advice,

Smile, laugh and be nice.

Have fun till the sun comes up,

Forget the bad, the mad, and the sad.

Smile and just laugh.