Slowdance With Romace

I drift with the motions,

Coast with the oceans.

I see, all that’s seen.

Everything is once a dream.

In your head,


By do’s and don’ts

When I say I wont,

I wont.

I will do my best,

Not the best-est.

I don’t compete for everyday tests.

Slowly figuring out

The more and the less.

I see, time is infinity.

Never ending, stop pretending.

Breathe and let it be.

Find yourself more happy then before.

You found yourself a lady your adore.

Around her, you feel less poor.

More rich and hear to the core.

I see this romance and

Just want to slow dance.

Going ants over your face,

Is my favorite place to be

I devote myself to the. 


She sits across the way brushing her hair

Unaware of every last stare,

Sitting still I can hardly bare this.

What is her name? What is her name?

I must know her first and last name.

The pressures of getting into the game,

No lectures at first sight.

So I get up with all my might,

Just to be stopped by the traffic lights.

Searching through each car

She’s so close but still so far.

I can’t miss my chance,

For the dance with romance;

At another glance I see her leaving.

I am now antsy like I’m thirteen.

This beautiful woman shall never appear

Maybe once again, maybe in the near

Future, Ill conquer,

But for today I am a loser, for I have lost her.