Passion (Life’s Lesson)

The doors have been opened

There is another side.

Inside is empty.

White light filled with energy.

Too much to bare,

Bright enough to glare.

Before drugs did I even care?

Maybe or maybe not.

But I’m here and I walk with a trout.

The road is limitless.

My existence is driven in passion.

Blood red, hot cherries baked in a pie.

Look deep, read the eyes.

Inside one will hide;

For the rest of their lives

And want to die.

Some look to the sky for answers,

I look inside.

Deep within answers come about.

Like they were there,

Up in the clouds.

I know some are so miserable.

But capable of finding passion.

All it takes is your ways of action.

Changing perspective,

Making growth your new objective.

Acceptance, you need to make a confession.

Then you’ll see how much life’s been testin’.

Maybe then you’ll learn life’s lesson.



A love like no other;

You see us at our worst.

You see us at our best.

When I’m so angry, I could burst.

When anxiety hits and tightens my chest.

Your words are hugs they even caress.

Whether you are physically here or not

The memories are all I got.


I would never discover life,

Without the birth you gave.

Even when I’m life’s slave

I can come to you, for you’re brave.

Light to my darkness,

Despite if I am the farthest

Away. I will never fall astray

I will never forget the games we played.


Courageous, bravest, happiest

Craziest, strongest person I know.

He Is A Mystery

He was once tattered, torn and broken

Feeling shattered till being reborn,

Now his words are outspoken.

Tell the tale he will.

Tall pale and full of skill;

He watches every move made

Every brand new road paved.

Time has slowly changed.

He notices that change

So with every step he is brave.

Even when he is wrecked,

He is strong.

Even if he doesn’t belong;

He will keep moving.

Who might this “he” be?

Full of words and not a coward

Noticing that he is full of power.

It can only be another mystery

Motivation seems to be scarcity

So he’ll inspire, with the words.

Hot enough to light midnight fires.

Encrypted Beyond Belief

The cool air breeze, wind blowing leaves

Timeless fortune.

Hurting behind closed curtains.

Fortuneless time.

Sunshine hides right behind,

Gloomy clouds.

Beyond atmosphere

Words can be very clear.

Fond of believing

Your spawn is now leaving.

Encryption is my fantasy

Destiny is now ahead of me.

Walking with two feet

Feeling more defeat than complete.

Whole or half, whatever place

Last is still a finish passed?

Never Never

I have pushed the pain away

So far away that I have gone astray.

I almost lost myself looking for the answer

With little help it felt like cancer.

Dark places and unfamiliar faces.

Where am I? Where could I be?

It can’t be a place of free,

From what I see my legs want to flee.

Speaking a language I don’t understand

Have I grown up? Am I a man?

A kid at heart, is this Never Never Land?

Where my journey starts, it will never end.

For eternity I would like to spend,

My life around river bends.

Evening Chill

The evening was cool as he watched leaves fall in the pool.

Thoughts can be so erratic; they can feel like static.

Sitting outside he feels calm, no sweaty palms

Just nature’s beauty; No sound, no people feuding

Empty silence and little droplets

His thoughts, he believed he could stop it.

Grasping control of his conscious,

Realizing there is no stopping, only paradigm shifting.

One at a time his problems will begin lifting.

Feeling gifted, equipped with creativity

Time and space are filled with energy.

Will he lose it or take the time to prove it?

“Screw it”, he says. Ready to take on the world

Any feeling of horror has been hurled

What an honor, to dance with a girl.

It takes two when you tangle.

Sweet is the maple from a tree.

Love is the key to set you free.