Pain and Gain

The loneliness creeps up behind.

It manifests up out of his mind.

Blind to the facts;

He isn’t really there

Aware of the thoughts that bare,

He is scared.

Afraid to be alone forever.

Is this the path that he endeavored?

He is trapped in a room full of demons

They’re screaming to be released.

Hungry for each and every piece;

Bone and flesh.

Tests of strength, Will he surpass?

Or anger boils and he begins to lash.

His demons seem to be taking over

Lucks ran out.

He plucked his own four-leaf clover.

He sits and pouts.

His child self must accept.

Physical abuse was done

Its time for a truce, and let go.

Let out the sun, put away the rain.

Let go of all the pain.

And gain.