Mother’s Child: Gale

Go outside and see the greens,

The blues, the reds and the oranges.

It seems that you are lost in a forest.

Walking a trail her name is Gale;

Gale took a walk and began to talk

To the nature in which she loves.

Picking up trash without any gloves,

Now that is love.

The love for her mother is that of a giant.

She knows her fellow person has become defiant.

Litter just sends shivers down her spine.

How that she is categorized with the same kind,

Who don’t care one bit for their home.

The ground is her home,

For she is not alone here.

She is strong but still shedding tears.

The thought if anyone cares,

She sees that no one shares.

This is the land of the peace

Knowledge of information to increase.

Gale, will drop it firm like hail.

Till’ the day she sails with the wind

Informing must begin.

Deforming her home she does not like.

She knows people do it out of spite.

Why spite while you’re alive?

There’s only so much promised time.

Gale a caring woman, daring and loving woman.

Her home is the ground of the forest

Covered in flowers a true florist.

She lives with power to overcome hardship

Hunting and gathering is her job.

Without food she will die,

This life she chose after being robbed.

A house she couldn’t afford,

She had to leave even though she adored.

A drop in her credit score has left her negative,

But Gale would not leave her life neglected.

In the hands of her mother

A new home she has just discovered.

Years pass in the wild

And she’ll grow old but not alone.

She is a child to this nature,

And her mother will always nurture.