A Snake Eats Its Mice

I sit outside

And watch the world go by.

Squirrels and birds say hi,

Unlike any words I speak:

Tweet, Tweet.

I smirk from cheek to cheek.

Happy to view

The clouds that move.

Spinning so fast that we cant feel,

I’m just another who wants mass appeal.

A sky so clear, you could see the galaxy.

I shed a tear for it has to be,

Motionless in gravity.

I don’t see, what is exactly,


A tree that reaches the sky,

A snake, we meet eyes.

He tells me, “I’ll change our lives.”

“If you see me, you’re about change.

It might seem strange, talking to a snake,

But if you see, it cannot be fake.”

Through my eyes, it’s my life to take.

Many would say a snake is deceitful.

Since my encounter, I’ve been nothing but peaceful.

The serpent has spoken,

At a time when I was once choking,

I was then chosen.

My spirit is cold blooded.

Skin flooded by scales.

Scent with my tongue, to find a trail.

My destination is still unknown,

Some grown,

Some numb

Some grown and feel like a bum.

Troublesome as I was,

Everyday spent getting buzzed.

Change interrupted,

My brain became corrupted.

So I lost my focus.

I found realization at my lowest

So I think of the scales

Knowing, I will not fail.

I live to tell the tale

Of the snake I met,

The change I made, with no regrets.

Expect nothing so you’re always surprised.

Open your eyes and realize

How to live your life.

A snake eats its mice.