Alone Is The Time

Alone, that is the time

Where I meet with you, in my mind

Past, present and future;

They’re all one of a kind.

They speak to me with memory,

And show future visionary.

If I could fly across the night sky,

One with the stars I travel afar.

Not so belittled and not at all alarmed

The stars that sparkle are such a charm.

On a search for everlasting dharma

I do well, in return for good karma.

Never forget the little things in life.

Will you strive to dive headfirst?

Trust or lust, which is cursed?

Immersed in this curse of lust,

Trapped in the magic of touch.

But I am alone with none to touch,

I walk with one leg without a crutch.

Uneven and hardly breathing;

Gasping for air like a fish without water.

I swim in agony, and feed off tragedy.

Broke, so I’m dressed raggedy,

Tired of working dead end.

Tired of living this pretend,

Life is simply a gem.

Why can’t you see the world like me?

But not everyone is me and they can’t see,

The world and all of its beauty;

In the end we go alone.

Enormous lights that prone to show

Life’s beauty, its wonderful glow;

Before you go, I hope you see

The world like me and all of its beauty.

This Time Of The Year

The weather is getting cool.

People are far less cruel and

Much more pleasant;

Kids certainly excited for their presents.

Unaware, of the truth that’s really there,

The hours of exertion put into

Work that parents do.

All just to make some dreams come true.

Sit and watch the smiles of another child.

Remember being that young and wild?

Anticipation was always a killer,

To me it was another great thriller.

This time of the year,

Where family gathers or some alone

Will shed a tear.

Some alone can spread good cheer

Prance around like the happiest deer.

But if you can’t,

Know you aren’t alone, cold below freezing.

Angry at the voice that’s screaming;

Let love in like all the lights beaming.

This time of the year could save you.

The smell of evergreen, piney and fresh,

Just know that you are so blessed.

To know this may be extreme.

Lifting your head to the clouds

Breathe and do be proud.

If you feel lost within a crowd,

Speak loud and know its okay to be afraid.

Fear just might save you

This time of the year.

Come and Go

The rain will come and go

As will the time.

So why waste it all on sorrow?

Today will always be tomorrow.


The pain will come and go

As will the greatness.

So why spend it all in darkness?

Tomorrow will always be yesterday.


The shame will come and go

As will the honor.

So why see it all as horror?

Yesterday will always be the past.

Kick and Push

Nothing like that kick push feel

Mind clearing, it sits still.

A piece of wood and four wheels;

The way shoes stick to the grip

The flick and kick

That makes the board flip.

With each trick

The lingo we use is “sick”.

Kick push takes me away

To a place of freedom,

All fears and worries, I exceed them.

Some say peace, to say the least.

I am very happy when I kick push

Up and down the street.

Whether in the heat, or in the cold

I will kick push until I am old.

If you fall, you get back up

Just like life I never get enough.



A love like no other;

You see us at our worst.

You see us at our best.

When I’m so angry, I could burst.

When anxiety hits and tightens my chest.

Your words are hugs they even caress.

Whether you are physically here or not

The memories are all I got.


I would never discover life,

Without the birth you gave.

Even when I’m life’s slave

I can come to you, for you’re brave.

Light to my darkness,

Despite if I am the farthest

Away. I will never fall astray

I will never forget the games we played.


Courageous, bravest, happiest

Craziest, strongest person I know.

He Is A Mystery

He was once tattered, torn and broken

Feeling shattered till being reborn,

Now his words are outspoken.

Tell the tale he will.

Tall pale and full of skill;

He watches every move made

Every brand new road paved.

Time has slowly changed.

He notices that change

So with every step he is brave.

Even when he is wrecked,

He is strong.

Even if he doesn’t belong;

He will keep moving.

Who might this “he” be?

Full of words and not a coward

Noticing that he is full of power.

It can only be another mystery

Motivation seems to be scarcity

So he’ll inspire, with the words.

Hot enough to light midnight fires.


She sits across the way brushing her hair

Unaware of every last stare,

Sitting still I can hardly bare this.

What is her name? What is her name?

I must know her first and last name.

The pressures of getting into the game,

No lectures at first sight.

So I get up with all my might,

Just to be stopped by the traffic lights.

Searching through each car

She’s so close but still so far.

I can’t miss my chance,

For the dance with romance;

At another glance I see her leaving.

I am now antsy like I’m thirteen.

This beautiful woman shall never appear

Maybe once again, maybe in the near

Future, Ill conquer,

But for today I am a loser, for I have lost her.