Champion Ring

Today, I went down to the pond,

To catch some fish

But they were all gone.

Hours pass, feeling like I may not last,

I give it my all on the very next cast.

My jaw drops when I feel a bite.

All day I have waited for a fight.

My rod bends as he shows his might.

I see something splash, in my sight.

A fish! I get to eat good tonight.

He feels heavy, so I hang on steady.

As I pull up and reel in,

Fueled by adrenaline.

I see the top of its fin, eyes, and mouth.

I can’t hold it in; I begin to shout

I recognize this fish as a trout.

Rainbow colored and quite impressive,

My body fluttered to the ground,

My happiness amounts to that of a crowned


I leave the pond with my champion ring.