Life’s Gift

I’ve spent time all alone

I’ve spent years getting stoned.

Unaware of my own existence

People come and go, good riddance.

People surround people

To hide away from their own evils.

My sanity has reached its peak

So I close my mouth, just to speak.

In my mind, I can always hide,

But I’d rather be out than in.

Lord forgive me, and my sins.

In time, I’ll calculate my wins,

I’m fine with my loses

I’ve grown to what life tosses.

My heart was once placid

Black; things were tragic.

Life’s tragedy is magnetic

It keeps you grounded like gravity

And shocks like bad static.

Our tragedies keep us moving,

To busy to remember our own doings.

Life is a present, wrapped up;

Surprise intended.

Top it off with a bow,

You have a gift, to exist.

If you didn’t know.