Love Turned To Scorn

What’s been missing?

The hugs or the kissing?

The late night talks or early morning walks?

Arguments ending in apology,

The nights I gave you, all of me.

Wrongly accused, you did what you choose.

What’s been missing?

Your smell on my clothes

From all night kissing

We just might be wishing

Dreams coming true,

When I glance at you,

We dance, us two.

Together, where time is endless.

Where we’re both so reckless,

Taking a chance, with our romance,

Your eyes glow as we slow dance,

Heat resonates from body to body.

Your lips cherry red,

I would have never guessed

You and I, at our best

This is the time I’ll confess,

My love grows daily for you,

But your mind isn’t made.

Taking me on one hell of an escapade.

A cheetah chase, on a hunt for prey

But when your minds is made,

I’ll be gone.

You’ll realize you’re late and you did wrong.

Never hesitate,

You can always pick your favorite song.

My favorite is when we got along.

Sweet laughter during our chatter

Back when nothing else mattered.

But now something battered,

Tattered and torn.

Don’t hate and live with scorn.

Your reward wont be reborn

Good luck.


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