Everyday Dreaming

Today is very good.

I am alive and breathing.

Everyday dreams.


Ghostly Talks In A Room

I’ve lost my head

From all that I dread,

Trapped in a room filled with the dead.

I see people, evil and good.

Most have been. Misunderstood.

I remember back when,

I thought I could,

Spend my time out of the woods.

All natural, actual living;

From all that I’ve done,

I’m still forgiving.

So I sit in this room.

Awaiting what they call doom.

I roam this life with such a gloom,

I’ll hold this knife and kill the soon.

With the spirits I mingle,

Not a single one

Knows just what I’ve done. 

Champion Ring

Today, I went down to the pond,

To catch some fish

But they were all gone.

Hours pass, feeling like I may not last,

I give it my all on the very next cast.

My jaw drops when I feel a bite.

All day I have waited for a fight.

My rod bends as he shows his might.

I see something splash, in my sight.

A fish! I get to eat good tonight.

He feels heavy, so I hang on steady.

As I pull up and reel in,

Fueled by adrenaline.

I see the top of its fin, eyes, and mouth.

I can’t hold it in; I begin to shout

I recognize this fish as a trout.

Rainbow colored and quite impressive,

My body fluttered to the ground,

My happiness amounts to that of a crowned


I leave the pond with my champion ring. 

Love In Space

Between space and time

Eyes shut, no longer blind.

Passionate love making,

Your hearts mine, for the taking.

A perspicuous speech made clear.

Telling you how I feel

And all that I fear,

How I deal and it’s sincere.

My feelings are real

You are my dear.

So take my hand

And walk through life.

Help me understand,

The meaning of “wife”,

I’m your husband,

Your partner, your soul mate,

Everyday I have goals to make.

Meeting you was more about fate.

When we’re together,

We are in space. 

Thy Art Is Surreal

Thy art is surreal

I cart and I wheel.

Spinning till I hurl,

So I can feel.

What’s a world without art or,

Creative flow?

Its dark, but the spark in mind

Shall soon begin to glow.

Man and moon have attachment.

The stars tell years of stories,

Their shine is a cheer for glory.

Forever soaring in the sky,

Life is more than meets the eyes.

Far from torn, or despised.

I cry,

Out for sheer happiness. 

Love, All Day

I wake up to see at first glance

A lovely lady filled with romance.

I turn over and give her my kiss

Grateful for a love like this,

The greatest bliss;

Sun shining through the window

Its fierce rays remind me of a disco.

Bright light from a ball of fire,

Early morning is when I’m inspired.

Coffee for me, so I get wired,

I love to love

And hate to hate,

When I wake up next to her,

I feel beyond great.

Is it fate that brought us together?

Is it magic that makes you as light as a feather?

What about flying a kite, in windy weather?

Excited and I couldn’t feel better/

Waking up next to her is worth it.

She makes me feel like I have a purpose.

In a world where I was once worthless,

She brought me back up to the surface.

My love is heard across the world,

Hurled into the arms of another,

My piece of mind is when I wonder.

It takes time to find a lover.

Under the covers is where we play.

In bed my love shall stay,

We can lay, and make love all day.


The Process Life Contains

I’ve lost my mind,

I can’t see clearly.

I am blind,

I speak sincerely

So you can find,

Emotions intertwined.

Words that are linked,

Piece together, to make you think.

The world spins, while we blink.

Surviving better when all are in synch.

I, am still learning. I, am a work in progress.

Exerting energy

Working on the better me.

It is all a process

You get more you got less.

I wait for fall, in the middle of August.

To watch leaves change

See how life gets rearranged,

I no longer contain

All of this shame.