A Mind Frame

I didn’t ask for this,

This thing called life

I didn’t ask for my gift to write.

I didn’t ask for any,

But I’ve been given plenty.

I’ve felt empty, broken and used.

Till I was outspoken about the abuse,

Physical and mental

Far from gentle

For so long I was resentful.

Lost, without a cue of my identity,

Tossed aside, a “blue” mentality.

Hell or purgatory

I have one hell of a story.

One that’ll down with glory,

Loose in my laboratory

This sad man cries,

How can I feel alive,

When I just want to die?

To feel real, this emotion,

Is like an eruption.

Loud explosions and burning


These high degrees are still

part of the adventure.

Nature can be cruel

Or natural people just want to rule.

To be played a fool, not I.

I would never say a lie.

No exaggeration,

My infatuation with my thoughts,

Breaks my concentration on everyday


In this life you must be tough,

Grateful and one to trust.

To be hateful is to walk with a crutch

That is why I ate my hate for lunch.

I walk balanced

Glad for my talents

Once mad and sad, afraid to change

That’s when thoughts began to rearrange.

Now I’m in the right mind frame. 

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