Tidal Waves

Every moment we get is a blessing in disguise

Some don’t pay attention,

They are deceived in the eyes.

Blind to the fact what life really is.

A number of moments taken for granted;

In a world of pain, love will be branded.

Feeling stranded and lost of hope,

Some lose their minds just to cope.

Some smoke dope, so they can’t feel,

Forgetting that life is really real.

You see the world with a different face.

Moving fast, the pace of a race.

Some walk alone and don’t know,

They’re headed straight into the ozone

All alone they will be, for the rest of eternity.

Trapped in a place of purgatory

A life to tell, a long lost love story;

I tell the tale for those who’ve failed,

We keep floating, our boats will sail.

Even in a hailstorm,

Oceans, where hurricanes form.

Tidal waves will soon crash,

The test of life you will soon pass.


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