Everyday Thoughts and Feeling

Every day and night, my mind races;

It’s another fight, with no escape chases.

Sunken breaths feel like sunken ships.

Chest caving in and the driest lips;

Sweat beating down my clammy face,

Not much to do but to pace.

I think of ways to escape this devilish feel.

But I only land on one thing, to deal.

I begin to hear soft sounds from a piano,

Crickets chirping, as they stand low;

I seem to be able to find a fix,

My way of thinking is like a bag of tricks.

One minute I’m there,

Then one minute I am scared.

Life is a dare and I haven’t seemed to accept,

I still live a past one that I precept.

Moving on has always been hard for me.

But one decision can change for the better me.

Losing sleep from anxiety,

No drugs I will take again.

Giving up on the past has shown,

Life is moving extremely fast I’ve grown.

Never alone but sometimes I feel as so,

I feel I may be dragged by the undertow.

It’s the pressure I get from everyday energy.

I get pleasure when I grow from something scary.

Growth is the way of life.

Life is the way to grow.  You are not alone.


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