Alone Is The Time

Alone, that is the time

Where I meet with you, in my mind

Past, present and future;

They’re all one of a kind.

They speak to me with memory,

And show future visionary.

If I could fly across the night sky,

One with the stars I travel afar.

Not so belittled and not at all alarmed

The stars that sparkle are such a charm.

On a search for everlasting dharma

I do well, in return for good karma.

Never forget the little things in life.

Will you strive to dive headfirst?

Trust or lust, which is cursed?

Immersed in this curse of lust,

Trapped in the magic of touch.

But I am alone with none to touch,

I walk with one leg without a crutch.

Uneven and hardly breathing;

Gasping for air like a fish without water.

I swim in agony, and feed off tragedy.

Broke, so I’m dressed raggedy,

Tired of working dead end.

Tired of living this pretend,

Life is simply a gem.

Why can’t you see the world like me?

But not everyone is me and they can’t see,

The world and all of its beauty;

In the end we go alone.

Enormous lights that prone to show

Life’s beauty, its wonderful glow;

Before you go, I hope you see

The world like me and all of its beauty.


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