I’m A Do-Er

My head is screaming get out!

So I look up to an empty sky

No clouds, not one in sight.

Stars are out, shining bright

Like a star I’ve been burning,

Yearning for a life full of learning.

I am now at a point,

A point worth satisfying.

Growth is a part of me.

Love is all the time serendipity.

The moon is a crescent.

My life is always a present.

A gift to even exist amongst the few

Who? Listen to my pains, my addictions.

Flaring frictions, static shocking

Every nerve knocking.

My head feels like I’ve been boxing.

But I won, a champion stunned,

Black and blue, bruised.

I have healed my sores,

No longer do my scars pour.

No longer do I ask:

“What are these hands for?”

I have a purpose

No longer do I feel worthless.

My search is up,

I know where I am headed.

To a city life where I’ll be embedded.

I’ve excepted my past and my future,

Now in the present, I am a doer!


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