Beauty In Darkness

Block by block begins to rise

Like stock, its unpredictable.

When I feel this way;

I shut my eyes and try to escape.

I view me in a way where I can play.

Being free, open and clear

Letting go of every little fear.

I soon begin to have inspiration,

So I jump in my seat for celebration.

No block can shock me,

No clock can even stop me.

No time, just merely moments

And I feel like I am the closest.

Finding peace as did Moses.

In the book of Romans,

Some find their tokens.

I find those in my very head.

Even if God left me dead,

Id rest in peace in my bed;

For I am grateful of a life given,

My love, my passion has risen.

I know death is looked down upon,

Dark and scary, frowned upon.

I see something beautiful.

Something useful in a part of life.

Misunderstood, we say “stay away!”

But it always comes, at the tip of our thumbs.

We don’t feel, our body so numb.

Some don’t deal with that feel,

Death is real and it will come to steal.

Life is precious so cherish every moment.

Everyday you’re getting closer

To a place where time is over.

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