Beautiful Blood

The blood in our veins,

As blue as the open sea.

Under our skin we don’t see,

The colors and its beauty.

Cut me open and see the red,

Just before you see me dead.

Watch me bleed then flee the scene,

Set me up for some sort of scheme.

Murderous and brutal

I have lost myself in this battle.

Flashbacks and memories

I’ll never know if I travel.

Laying in a pool of blood

Stains the ground, I drowned in this flood.

I look and see, the red that is beauty.

I feel nothing, no pain, and no anger.

I’m not lost nor a stranger,

Someone in danger of themselves,

Took a knife and cut themselves.

Someone who wanted it to end.

Someone who stopped playing pretend.

Laying in my own blood,

Nearly hanging on to life by a hair

When I see a light flash like a flare.

Beautiful angel, take me away.

Beautiful angel has come to save the day.

I ascend from my shell of a body

No longer I dwell in a hell of a body.

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