I stop to think:

How the world goes round like a roller rink.

How two hearts are in sync.

How we have come to be.

How I write alone, is it only me.

How might I create magic.

How god gives us things that are tragic.

How I am grateful.

How most are concerned about material.

How I like to live so simple.

How one day I will be old and crippled.

How I love to see people happy.

How I write so sappy.

How trees help us breath.

How in life I like to seek.

How do people destroy their planet.

How I just want world peace damn it.

How life never goes how you planned it.

How I got over addiction.

How my writing has secret encryption.

How I would like to give more description.

How will I do on my own.

How would it be if I had a clone.

How can I impact the Earth.

How would it look if I stopped and kissed the dirt.

How do I have fun.

How would he look if I had a son.

How will my work ever be done.

Then I stop, to let go and run.


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