Awake In My Dreams

I see you in my dreams.

How keen that is the scene.

It is a sensual, loveable thing.

Light green eyes and long blonde hair.

Her skin tone fair, we’re one hell of a pair.

My, the feeling I get like I may burst.

Waking up is hard, it hurts.

My heart is racing;

Dehydrated I feel my thirst growing.

In my head I am knowing,

This is only a dream.

As it seems I’m lost in a dream.

But am I really lost if I don’t want to leave?

Quick to agree, she yells out to me;

“I am lost too, for I only want to be with you!”

Is this really true?

In my head I search for a single clue.

How alone I am in reality

How I want to stay put so badly.

Eight hours is never long enough

In my dreams I paint with a brush.

Us together, hand in hand;

I love the touch.

Before I go you must know,

This isn’t real, just a simple feel.

Here’s a mask for you to deal.

I’ll soon wake up and our fun will end,

My love in a bottle is how I’ll send.

Across my brain waves

Feelings in my heart are where I save.

Eyes open for I am now awake.

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