Passion (Life’s Lesson)

The doors have been opened

There is another side.

Inside is empty.

White light filled with energy.

Too much to bare,

Bright enough to glare.

Before drugs did I even care?

Maybe or maybe not.

But I’m here and I walk with a trout.

The road is limitless.

My existence is driven in passion.

Blood red, hot cherries baked in a pie.

Look deep, read the eyes.

Inside one will hide;

For the rest of their lives

And want to die.

Some look to the sky for answers,

I look inside.

Deep within answers come about.

Like they were there,

Up in the clouds.

I know some are so miserable.

But capable of finding passion.

All it takes is your ways of action.

Changing perspective,

Making growth your new objective.

Acceptance, you need to make a confession.

Then you’ll see how much life’s been testin’.

Maybe then you’ll learn life’s lesson.


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