Who Have I Become?

Done, finished with fun.

Enough tears to black out the sun.

Emotional rollercoaster.

Twists, and turns.

Bends and loops.

I burn like the hottest flame.

I have learned quietly from my shame.

I blame no one, simply myself.

My acts have been wronged.

On a search for self-help.

Enlightened and still so frightened.

This is natural like the grass that grows.

And the river that flows;

It may look the same but everyday,

It will have changed.

I sleep less, and see things crazed.

Night terrors will have you in a daze.

Where is faith?

My lack a praise.

This had me in a chase,

I couldn’t recognize my own face,

In the mirror smashed into pieces.

Who have I become, a bum.

With no fight left.

Light and dark

My last journey I embark;

Will be one step off a cliff.

An accident maybe I’ll slip.

The evidence is there

A letter I’ll leave with one last prayer.

This life has been taken.


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