A Fool For Love

I’m grateful to have a family

But inside I’m still so empty.

Rip currents pull me out to sea

Survival mode is my only key.

What is missing?

Something significant,

The other half of me;

When I seem to try

My heart gets scornfully fried.

The only escape I know

Are my visuals of powder snow.

Up north to a city,

Where the lights brighten the sky.

Where my heart beats faster

I know I’m alive.

The smile from something of an angel

I know it’s been awhile,

And without you I feel like vile.

A mess, with stress the size of Texas.

Take me where I can be free

Happy, where we can drink tea.

I just want you

For so long you went without a clue.

Here’s a hug, a kiss and my love.

All above my head.

These final words that’ll be said,

Your last tears you will shed,

Lonely nights you climb into bed

I’ll be there with all the care.

With all the love to treat you fair.

How the great times we will share.

Still so far apart,

I cannot bare, this pain in my heart.

It yearns for you and your love

A fool, A fool for love.


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