Lonely Nights (Grey)

Lonely nights,

Call for ghostly frights.

Pitch-black sky,

Illuminated by the stars.

Hate frustrates me

It castrates my esophagus.

Choking and barely breathing

Is one alive?

Yet dying inside.

Can love be saved?

Just in time to dig my grave.

Late, it is the time.

Life’s maze I will find,

My way around, on these here;

Common grounds.

I’m around so much unhappiness

So much I find it to be bliss.

Get it away, get it away

Hate and all of its play;

The color for me is grey

For it is neutral.

Where as black is much more feudal.

On lonely night;

I feel satisfied, pleased,

And at peace.

Am I at peace?

Far from it!

To say the least, I am me

And a piece of me is lost at sea.

The rest of me is the best of me.

Optimistic and hopeful

Rid of hate.

Feeling quite great.

Lonely nights,

They aren’t so lonely.

When you have a family

That isn’t so phony.

Lonely can be dark,

And it can be bright.

My mind is if dark and light;

Had a fight.

Black and white make grey

And that is how I feel today.


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