This Time Of The Year

The weather is getting cool.

People are far less cruel and

Much more pleasant;

Kids certainly excited for their presents.

Unaware, of the truth that’s really there,

The hours of exertion put into

Work that parents do.

All just to make some dreams come true.

Sit and watch the smiles of another child.

Remember being that young and wild?

Anticipation was always a killer,

To me it was another great thriller.

This time of the year,

Where family gathers or some alone

Will shed a tear.

Some alone can spread good cheer

Prance around like the happiest deer.

But if you can’t,

Know you aren’t alone, cold below freezing.

Angry at the voice that’s screaming;

Let love in like all the lights beaming.

This time of the year could save you.

The smell of evergreen, piney and fresh,

Just know that you are so blessed.

To know this may be extreme.

Lifting your head to the clouds

Breathe and do be proud.

If you feel lost within a crowd,

Speak loud and know its okay to be afraid.

Fear just might save you

This time of the year.


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