Evening Chill

The evening was cool as he watched leaves fall in the pool.

Thoughts can be so erratic; they can feel like static.

Sitting outside he feels calm, no sweaty palms

Just nature’s beauty; No sound, no people feuding

Empty silence and little droplets

His thoughts, he believed he could stop it.

Grasping control of his conscious,

Realizing there is no stopping, only paradigm shifting.

One at a time his problems will begin lifting.

Feeling gifted, equipped with creativity

Time and space are filled with energy.

Will he lose it or take the time to prove it?

“Screw it”, he says. Ready to take on the world

Any feeling of horror has been hurled

What an honor, to dance with a girl.

It takes two when you tangle.

Sweet is the maple from a tree.

Love is the key to set you free.


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