We Don’t Want Your War

We don’t want war,

Not anymore!

No more gore, no more hate!

Life is great not when it is at stake.

It has been twelve years

The amount of tears,

Cannot amount to the fears!

Bullet penetration is a wrong doing,

Other situations we are pursuing;

Will help make matters worse!

Things are falling a part can anyone tell,

How loud do I have to yell!

This place is like a nutshell

Will anyone listen?

Our planet needs fixing,

If not good riddance!

This is from the bottom of my heart,

This Earth is being broken apart.

From the soil to start,

Life takes its course

I’ll watch it bloom,

Into a brand new forest.

It is not natural to want to kill

To me that is very ill.

Naturality is shaking hands

All the fatalities I cannot stand!

It pains me to see and hear,

All fights are merely unclear


Explosions, I am frozen.

Enough with the boasting,

People we’re living in fear and loathing.

Close to comfort, I must leave.

I am on the search for loves eternity.

Human beings are soon to be extinct,

If the fighting isn’t put to sleep

This is how I feel not how I think.

War should now end

If every word you comprehend,

Let flow like a downward stream

Your thoughts run clean of ever being mean.

                 Just think,

Peace and Serene. 


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