Watchful Observations

What do I see,

Scurry through;

The giant oak tree

There were only two.

Closely together

Things are no better

Then flirting in great weather,

Sunshine and nice letters.

Open skies

For flocks of feathers.

Children cry

and the wind blowing is dry.

Knocking on wood

There’s work to be done;

So this man stood

Teaching his son

The work of a nail,

And a screw gun.

He said son,

“Now be careful.”

He replied

“Dad I am an aware soul.”

There he goes building a fence

But they way he works is very tense;

Hot sweat begins to drip

Ice-cold tea is ready to be sipped.

This hot air,

Is like a desert trip.

Stay hydrated

That’s a safety tip.

It is now afternoon

This fence will be done soon.

The father is determination

The son is gloom

No confidence;

In the work he must do.


Roasting like a stew.

In the distance I hear,

The father sniffled and wiped a tear.

He began to inspire

By telling his son,

“Your work I admire;

If we were rich I’d pay in sapphire.”

His sons brows raised, mouth open to speak,

“Father for all you do I can never repay

 There is one thing that I can say,

I will cherish this moment till my very last day.”


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