Two Birds

Two bids sit together on a wire,

From a view one sees a flyer

of a job for two birds to hire.

In a swoop, there they go

To the workplace down below,

They see the boss, a very round rat

Who screams, “What’re ya lookin’ at?!”

Their beaks trembled as they spoke,

“We saw the flyer for hire that you wrote.”

“Ah yes” he says, “What shall I call you?”

Pointing at one another, “Beaks and Donnawho.”

Awkward but they’ll have to do.

Sort of askew like a crooked line,

These packages must be delivered on time.

The first couple of trips seemed to be fine

But Beaks had other thoughts on his mind.

He didn’t want to work, and he didn’t want to fly,

You could see this look all over his eyes.

One shipment left, the two do their best

So Beaks can get everything off his chest.

“I’m through working here,” Beaks says.

“My thoughts are not clear, and I lost all of my peers.”

The thought of money is great

But freedom is what’s at stake.

Donnawho keeps on working.

Beaks is back to watching.

Now grateful to be back on the wire

Beaks happiness couldn’t be any higher.

He still watches Donnawho fly in the air

Knowing where they’re at and free of care.

These two are still friends and when there is time,

They will speak again.


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