Love Lost

Love is grand and open like the canyon

Wild and free with your companion;

Holding hands time is endless

Age expands, wisdom and senses.

All is one, the weight of tons

This love begun when your eyes shine;

Life’s fine when you’re beside time.

Not against, a point to a pickett fence

That will leave a body tense.

Stabbed in the heart,

Stabbed in the back,

This love will leave a mark

And get on track.

You can find it in the park and

At the crack of dawn.

Love is the calmness to a pond,

Saying I love you and she to, responds

“I love you too honey!”

Butterflies fill your tummy

It’ll make you feel funny, angry,

When It’s rainy or sunny

Cold or hot

This love is around a lot.

It’s yours, It’s mine.

Till the end of time,

We seek to find, 

A love so kind.

Whether falling behind

Or empty handed.

This love at some point

Will leave you stranded.

Burned as if being branded

The hurt you’ll understand it.

Closer and closer you grow

The more you know,

The more you hate!

What a waste or is it just fate,

Only time tells us to wait.

In that case you’ll be a little late.

This love is in it for the chase

So when you catch it

Lock it in a case.

Don’t set it free,

To be free is to love openly.







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