Age to Age.

Tonight, my son you leave my side

No weapon just pure eyesight.

Make your tools you are no fool!

Be aware look into my stare

“I love you Little Bear”

Tonight I leave her side and

What I kill, I’ll see the inside.

I will be the greatest hunter,

The tribe has ever seen

“I love you mother and sweet dreams.”

I try not to worry, I’m very anxious

As if I’m in a hurry.

I work the cornfields and stitch leather

My itch for bad weather is not getting better.

Thunder begins to rumble as rain begins to crumble.

I’m out in this jungle getting soaked

That thunders rumble makes my throat choke.

Determination is at the top of my list

So I give fear its one last kiss.

I will triumph and earn true bliss.

To my right I hear a snap and crackle

Before I think. I make my tackle.

I grab the antlers and we begin to tussle.

Ill show this buck who has more muscle

by breaking its neck and putting it to rest.

After that fight, I inhale for breath and thank the Gods

that my family is blessed.

I know how proud my mother will be

because I am now man of this family.

No one will go hungry for day’s, even weeks,

I know how nice everyone will sleep.

The pleasure of being a man, to treasure

What some may not under stand,

What we have is worth more then grand’s.

One and six are like a bundle of sticks,

Together I am now a teen.

Carrying this dead carcass

I hear them all scream.

Whistles and streams, it’s a party to me.

As clouds seem to clear, I see mother and

Wipe off all her tears and she says,

“I love you little bear.”


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